DMI Pandemic Preparedness Framework at ICEID 2022

Data Mining International is proud to announce that the results of an ambitious project in collaboration with the WHO Headquarters, will be presented at

the 11th International Conference on Emerging Infectious Disease (ICEID 2022)
in Atlanta from 7th-10th August 2022.

The Congress is hosted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in collaboration with the Task Force for Global Health, bringing together more than 1500 public health professionals from around the world to encourage the exchange […]

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Vaccin contre le Covid-19 : le pari de Pascal du gouvernement

As public health authorities prepare for the implementation of their vaccination programmes to stop the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Ariel Beresniak lays out some of the fundamental reasons for the population’s lack of faith in the new vaccines – challenging Pascal’s bet that it is wiser to have faith in God than not to.

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Vaccin contre le Covid-19 : le paris de Pascal du gouvernement

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Elsevier Publication – Health Economics

Dr. Ariel Beresniak, CEO and founder of Data Mining International and Gérard Duru, Senior Research Partner of Data Mining International,
have co-authored with Elsevier, the publication “Economie de la Santé”.

The publication “Economie de la Santé” presents the stakes within health economics, and the methods and tools for economic health evaluations, for estimating the value of innovations in health and for finding the balance between solidarity and freedom.

The publication is structured as follows:

  1. The health systems within the European Union.
  2. Health planning.
  3. A study of supply and demand in health.
  4. Health expenses.
  5. The control of costs.
  6. The methods and tools of economic […]
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