Dr. Ariel Beresniak, CEO and founder of Data Mining International and Gérard Duru, Senior Research Partner of Data Mining International,
have co-authored with Elsevier, the publication “Economie de la Santé”.

The publication “Economie de la Santé” presents the stakes within health economics, and the methods and tools for economic health evaluations, for estimating the value of innovations in health and for finding the balance between solidarity and freedom.

The publication is structured as follows:

  1. The health systems within the European Union.
  2. Health planning.
  3. A study of supply and demand in health.
  4. Health expenses.
  5. The control of costs.
  6. The methods and tools of economic health evaluations.
  7. The ideological landscape.

For further information please visit the Elsevier presentation of the publication, which includes an extract of “Chapter 4 : Health Expenses” with the section on “Evaluation of the costs of illness”.

Also, please read the Elsevier interview of co-author Dr. Ariel Beresniak, expert in Public Health.

You may purchase the publication directly with Elsevier here.