Big Data is a relatively recent phenomenon that refers to the huge volumes of data being generated throughout the world and across the industries thanks to the migration of socio-economic activities to the Internet and the decline in the cost of data collection, its storage and processing. 90% of all data in the world has been produced just in the past couple of years and it provides researchers and businesses in all sectors with an incredible unprecedented potential for data-driven innovation that can lead to new knowledge, drive value creation, foster new industries, processes, markets and products as well as create significant competitive advantages, all at a fraction of cost and at the speed of light, compared to the traditional research performed until recently.

It is however important to underline that not all data is created equal and that there are substantial risks linked to the inappropriate use of data and lack of skills needed for its interpretation. Having significant experience in data management, data extraction and data analysis, Data Mining International can provide domain-specific competences to interpret the results and make recommendations for best decisions based on sophisticated and customized Big Data analyses in a variety of sectors, going from financial institutions to the public healthcare.