Data Mining International is one of the leading independent research agencies highly specialised in cost-effectiveness analyses for value demonstration in the decision making with a proven know-how across the therapeutic areas and geographic boundaries. Our services in this domain include, among other things, innovative integrated Disease Management Strategies, Impact assessment of Healthcare Solutions, development of customised and evidence-based value propositions, design & conduct of Health Technology strategies, as well as Health Economics Studies (Burden of Illness, Cost-Benefit, Budget Impact etc).

In light of recent conclusions by the ECHOUTCOME European project funded by the EU Commission and led by Data Mining International, regarding the unsuitability of cost-effectiveness approaches based on costs per QALY in the decision making process, Data Mining International is proposing alternative valid methodological approaches that can generate more robust and more supportive cost-effectiveness evidence, and enrich the value proposition of the innovative technologies.

Most recent cost-effectiveness projects developed by Data Mining International are:

  • Prevention of colorectal cancer
  • New therapeutic strategies in Ophthalmology
  • New therapeutic strategies in Cardiology
  • New techniques in Cardio-surgery
  • New managed care organizations
  • Innovations in reproductive health
  • New biologic agents in Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • New agents in Osteoporosis
  • New agents in Neurology
  • New strategies in hydro-electrolytic disorders
  • Implantology in Odontology
  • Implantable devices