Data Mining International performs research that provides high quality evidence needed to improve the care for the general population, as well as to add to our understanding of health, disease and treatment.

For this purpose, Data Mining International has developed innovative approaches of multi-criteria risk assessment modelling, predictive epidemiological modelling, prioritisation for health planning, assessment of the robustness of health outcomes, cost-benefit of prevention strategies and cost-effectiveness of public health interventions.

New solutions have been specifically created and implemented for developing and industrialised countries addressing health threats such as Yelloy Fever, Dengue, Human influenza, Hepatitis, AIDS, Echinococcosis, etc.

Data Mining International works in partnership with clinical experts, national health agencies, NGOs, international organisations like the World Health Organization as Short Term Consultant (STC) or as Subcontractor (APW), as well as with health industries that are involved in health and social care research across Europe and worldwide. Those partnerships are vital to the funding, quality and delivery of innovative health programs and initiatives.