ISPOR 2022 : Are we capturing the multidimensional value of rare disease therapies through the QALY?

At the ISPOR Conference in Washington DC, USA on May 2022,
Dr. Ariel Beresniak represented Data Mining International in the Expert Panel alongside :

Dr. Alicia Granados of Sanofi, Michael Drummond Professor of Health Economics at York University, Sheela Upadhyaya Expert in Rare Diseases and ISPOR Chair Elect, Durhane Wong-Rieger President of the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders, and Karen Facey who chaired the panel.

Thank you to panellists of ISPOR2022 in Washington for their insights shared in this Issue Panel Report, including :

▶️ Alicia Granados, MD, PhD PH says small, heterogeneous populations showing […]