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Ariel Beresniak is an international expert in modelling and decision making in life sciences. He graduated as a Physician with a 5 years specialization in Public Health from the Faculty of Medicine at University of Marseilles, France. Following his medical studies, he obtained his master's degree in Economic research and his PhD in applied mathematics in Economics at the Claude-Bernard University (France). Subsequently, he obtained two certificates in healthcare evaluation at the Harvard School of Public Health (USA), followed by an Accreditation to Supervise Research (France).

During the past 15 years, Ariel Beresniak has developed his expertise in both the academic and the industry world. He was formerly Head of Health Economics for Glaxo-Wellcome (1993-1999), and Global Head of Pharmacoeconomics for Serono-international (1999-2004).

Ariel Beresniak is the author and co-author of numerous articles within modelling and decision-making analyses. He also wrote several reference books in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese on these same topics.

Ariel Beresniak is expert-consultant in modelling for the World Health Organization, the European commission and is Accredited to supervise Research (HDR) at Paris-Descartes University (France).

Professional Experience:

Data Mining International SA, Geneva, CH
  • 2004–present : Chief Executive Officer
    - International expert in advanced statistical analyses and modeling
    - International projects supervision

    World Health Organization, Geneva, CH
  • 2006–present : Expert consultant in advanced modeling

    Serono International SA, Geneva, CH
  • 1999–2004: World Wide Director Pharmacoeconomics

    Glaxo-Wellcome, Paris, F
  • 1993-1999: Director of Health Economics

    Ipsen-Beaufour,Paris, F
  • 1991-1993: Corporate Health Ecomomics Adviser

    French government
  • 1990-1991: Head of epidemic surveillance, Gabon (Africa)


    Medical University, Marseille, F

  • Accreditation to supervise Research in Public Health, 2000

    Harvard School of Public Health, Boston,USA
  • Cost-Benefit analyses in Health and Environmental, 1998

    Harvard School of Public Health - Boston, USA
  • Cost-Effectiveness strategies in Health,1997

    Claude Bernard University Lyon, F
  • PhD in Applied Mathematics in Economics,1993

    Medical University, Marseille, F
  • Medical Doctor, 1990

    Medical University, Marseille, F
  • specialization in Public Health, 1991

    Claude Bernard University Lyon, F
  • Master in Health Systems analyses methods, 1988


    Classical Piano

  • professional degree

    Commercial Pilot

  • Multi-engine planes
  • Instrument rating
  • Aerobatics
  • Seaplane

    Scientific Societies:

    Vice President of the French Society of Health Economics

    Administration Council of the Latin Association of Health Economics (ALASS)

    Former President of the Pharmacoeconomic committee in the French Pharmaceutical Industry Union (1996-1999)

    Main Scientific Books:

    French :

  • BERESNIAK, G. DURU : Economie de la santé, 5ème édition, Coll. des abrégés de médecine - Edition MASSON 1991-2001:216 p

  • BERESNIAK, F. TABOULET,: Comprendre la Pharmacoéconomie, John Libbey Eurotext, 1996:125 p.

  • J.P. AURAY, A. BERESNIAK, J.P. CLAVERANNE, G. DURU : Dictionnaire commenté d'Economie de la santé, Coll. des abrégés de médecine -Edition MASSON 1996: 289 p.

  • A. BERESNIAK, C. MAURIN, F. TABOULET: Dictionnaire raisonné des termes des entreprises du médicament - Flammarion 1998, 195 p.

  • A. BERESNIAK : Les études coût-utilité en Pharmacoéconomie, Cahiers Techniques 20, Ed. du SNIP, 1998 :81p.

  • A. BERESNIAK, R. FONTENEAU,: Planification de la santé en Afrique sub-saharienne, Editions Hermes-Lavoisier, 2005, 165p


  • « Pharmacogenetic, towards improving treatment with medicines », CIOMS/WHO Geneva 2005


  • BERESNIAK, G. DURU : Economia da Saude , Colecçao Convergencias, Climepsi Editores, Lisboa 1999 : 213 p


  • J.P. AURAY, A. BERESNIAK, J.P. CLAVERANNE, G. DURU, C. MURILLO : Diccionario comentado de economia de la salud, Masson 1998 : 351 p


  • K. TSUTANI, A BERESNIAK : Pharmacoéconomics, Elsevier JAPAN 140p 2006

  • « Pharmacogenetic», Pharmacoeconomic chapter, Technomics JAPAN , Geneva 2005

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    Danielle Dupont holds a Ph.D. in Health Economics from Claude Bernard Lyon I University (France), a MSc Degree in Science (Hospital Pharmacy) and a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Montreal (Canada).

    Danielle Dupont brings more than 25 years of international pharmaceutical experience mostly gained in the global pharmaceutical industry in North America and in Europe, in the area of Market Access, Health Economics, Pricing & Reimbursement, Outcomes Research Strategies, High Performance Team Coaching and People Management.

    Her previous positions held within Top 5 pharmaceutical companies include regional and national senior management roles in Health Economics and Outcomes Research Strategies in Europe and in Canada, as well as senior managerial roles in Pharmacoeconomics, Medical Affairs & Clinical Sciences and Medical Education and Information.

    Prior to joining the pharmaceutical industry, Danielle Dupont practiced clinical pharmacy at a university-teaching hospital in Montreal, before being appointed Assistant to the Vice-Dean at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Montreal, where she led the Master Degree program in Hospital Pharmacy.

    Danielle Dupont is author and co-author of scientific publications and guest speaker at national and international scientific conferences. She was member of the editorial board of the journal L'Actualité Pharmaceutique (1993-2007), and was elected President of the Quebec Section of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (1990-1992).

    Known for her strategic vision, business and scientific acumen, customer focus, team work and communication skills, Danielle Dupont demonstrates unwavering commitment to results and continuing improvement. By consistently delivering creative solutions and high quality services, Danielle Dupont has gained the collaboration and respect from her peers and from other thought leaders of the international scientific and medical community.


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